Back of the net! Michael Owen picks up new car from Alexanders Prestige

Michael Owen, one of the greatest football players ever to wear an England shirt, has taken delivery today of his new car courtesy of luxury and sports car dealership Alexanders Prestige.

The footballer-turned-pundit drove away in a black 2014 Range Rover Sport, after spending a few weeks studying the extensive selection of motor cars at Alexanders. ‘I’ve always been into cars,’ says Michael. ‘I’ve owned quite a variety over the years, my first being a Rover Coupé, before progressing onto a BMW, Aston Martins, Jaguars, Ferraris and Range Rovers. One of the great things about Alexanders Prestige is that, with the possible exception of the Rover 200, they’ve got pretty much every type of car I’ve ever owned, or wanted to own, to choose from.’

The partnership is just as beneficial for Alexanders, says Andrew North, Managing Director of the North Yorkshire dealership. ‘Michael is clearly very knowledgeable about his cars. He looks back at his automotive past with a glint in his eye, and as his career progressed, so did his choice in cars. Our aim is to make sure his vehicle choice in the future is even more exacting,’ says Andrew.

He adds: ‘We feel very proud to welcome Michael and all of our customers – international football greats or not – to Boroughbridge. It’s a beautiful little corner of the world, and I think it’s a big part of what makes Alexanders so special. What’s more, we’re very lucky to be so close to some hugely enjoyable driving roads and magnificent views. I’m not sure I can think of a better place to try out your new car.’

Michael is a big fan of Alexanders Prestige. ‘The guys here are very helpful, and the cars are just stunning,’ says Michael. ‘It’s never been a hard sell. Instead, it’s felt more like they’ve been advising me. They’re friendly, enthusiastic, and clearly know so much about their cars. They also take a lot of pride in what they sell, so you trust them – every car looks immaculate.’

Michael says that during his career he didn’t simply jump for the best car he could afford – despite becoming an instant international star, aged 18, following a phenomenal performance at the 1998 World Cup. ‘You grow with cars,’ he says. ‘I was never going to get a Ferrari at 18, you wait until you’ve earned your stripes. The older you get, the more successful you are in the workplace, and the more you feel as if you deserve to buy a nice car. In football there’s a hierarchy, so if you go in a nicer car than someone who’s played a hundred games and played for his country, you’ll be quickly slapped down and told to sell it. So you have to grow your cars organically with how you’re doing on the football pitch.’

Now retired from international football with 602 career matches and 324 goals, Michael’s future car choices are in the safe hands of Alexanders. ‘After the handover, Michael took a keen interest in a number of cars in our showroom,’ says Andrew, ‘particularly those with plenty of horsepower. We look forward to welcoming him back again.’