In 1984 the world was introduced to the original performance saloon, the hand built BMW M5. Taking an updated version of the motorsport derived engine from the M1 and dropping it into the 535i chassis, the resulting car became not only famed for its performance and handling ability for a large family car, but it also was the fastest production saloon in the world. What it produced was a precedent that the M5 has set for almost 40 years now, the ultimate saloon car for every occasion, and no car lives up to that claim more so than the latest model from Munich.

The latest and most honed iteration of BMW’s flagship saloon, the M5 Competition, takes the ethos of the original and turns it up to the max. First and foremost the M5 Competition is the perfect saloon car for whatever the occasion. With plentiful space for a family of 5, and all their luggage, the M5 is refined, comfortable and capable of being a sophisticated and civilised family car. By borrowing the suspension set up from the M8 Gran Coupe, the M5 enjoys a more plush ride than previous generations have. Leave the driving mode in comfort and on a daily commute or trip on the motorway you’d never know about the athletic potential that this car is hiding.

Inside the M5 Competition is more luxurious and refined than ever before, with comfort usually found in larger saloon and SUV models. The technology on offer is enough to keep even the most avid sci-fi fan entertained, whilst the touchscreen controls mean it is just as easy for technophobes to use the abundance of customisation and assistance on offer. The plethora of cameras and sensors mean that the M5 Competition is also so easy to manoeuvre and park in every day situations, with surround cameras and 3D views meaning its almost a difficulty to actually hit something or not park perfectly lined up in a space.

But the party piece of an M5 has always been how it manages to transform from family saloon to a performance car with supercar rivalling pace and handling in an instant. The latest M5 Competition features a twin turbocharged 4.4 litre V8 engine that produces an astonishing 616 bhp and over 550lb ft of torque. That means that, with the added assistance of four wheel drive, this almost 2 tonne car can accelerate from 0-62 mph in just 3.3 seconds. To put that in perspective that is quicker than a Pagani Zonda F, a Ferrari Enzo, a Ferrari 458 or even a Lamborghini Murcielago, impressive.

But it’s not just in a straight line that the M5 Competition belies its size, weight, and the fact it can carry the whole family, in the corners it is just as supercar sharp. The switchable xDrive four wheel drive system can operate to the rear wheels only if you’re feeling brave enough, whilst new engine mounts keep the body control in check when getting a move on. Exit a corner with the four wheel drive mode still on and your right foot planted on the accelerator and you’ll struggle to imagine how anything could manage to beat the big BMW in any situation, and why, for the perfect car for every occasion, you would consider buying anything else anyway.

The phrase ’perfect every day car’ or ‘everyday supercar’ get thrown around a lot when people are discussing which car they would dream of owning, and the M5 Competition fills both categories with ease. Yes the understated looks may be a bit too muted and discreet for some looking for a ‘supercar’, but if you’re going to be using the car every day, would you really want the attention every time you just want to park in a supermarket car park or fill up with petrol. The latest M5 may be the quickest BMW have ever made, but it also is the most accomplished and comfortable they have ever made too. The pedigree of its rivals may have reached such high levels in recent years, yet the M5 Competition is still the benchmark that others are compared to.

Our 2019 BMW M5 Competition LCI 4.4 V8 is finished in Donnington Grey metallic with full Black Merino leather interior. The car comes with an extensive list of features to include the Comfort Plus Package with Front climate massage seats, heated rear seats, heated steering wheel and soft close doors, Aluminium Carbon structure interior trim, 20” lightweight Style 789 wheels, M Sport exhaust system, Head up display, BMW Icon adaptive LED headlights, M brakes with Red callipers and much more. This exceptional car has covered just 3,250 miles from new, has had the all-important running in service and comes with the remainder of a BMW manufacturer warranty until September 2023.