Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations. It sounds like a secret agent department for James Bond type creations hidden away in the deepest part of the factory, in truth it is where Land Rover produce some of their finest engineering work and craftsmanship. Rather than just limited-edition one-offs with actual bullet-proof custom-built products (although with enough money they will be happy to create this for you) more the pinnacle of their mainstream models showcasing the best that Land Rover models are capable of.

The Special Vehicle Operations Range Rover models have something for everyone. If you require the upmost in luxury and comfort they have the SVAutobiography, if you want that sophistication and opulence with a performance twist there’s the SVAutobiography Dynamic, however if you want the peak of performance, handling and power there’s the Range Rover Sport SVR.

The SVR combines Range Rover’s renowned luxury, comfort and go-anywhere ability with athleticism and electrifying performance. From lightweight wheels, re-tuned suspension, carbon fibre bodywork and deep sporty body styling, to an active exhaust system and performance seats, the SVR is as much a sports car as it is a capable off-road vehicle.

The 5.0 litre supercharged V8 engine produces 575 bhp meaning that performance in all conditions is electrifying. It isn’t just the 0-62 mph time of 4.3 seconds, the 176 mph top speed or the sports car sharp handling that impresses, but the sense of occasion when the roar from the quad tailpipes accompanies all those things. The V8 burble sounds hair raising at any speed, idling or flat out, and a lift off the throttle with the exhaust valves open produces a crackle reminiscent of gun fire.

The Range Rover Sport SVR never fails to impress with the way it manages to be so accomplished at so many things. Whether you’re cruising on a motorway over a long distance, enjoying a spirited country road drive, negotiating your way across a muddy field or chauffeuring someone and al their luggage to the airport, the SVR is the perfect car for all occasions. Creating a car that is as comfortable on a track, on a road or far from any resemblance of a road is no mean feat, but Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations department has done exactly that.

Our special Range Rover Sport SVR duo are available in SVO Premium Palette Ultra Metallic colours of Velocity Blue and Madagascar Orange. These premium finishes add an extra special appearance to an already outstanding car producing a rich lustre and deeper shine especially when viewed in bright sunshine. The depth to the paint finish is a perfect example of the extra effort and attention to detail that the SVO department at Land Rover go to in order to make their cars really stand out from others.

Both cars feature the additional Exposed Carbon Fibre Exterior Pack which includes the exposed carbon fibre bonnet as well as exterior trim pieces and vents in carbon fibre. They also both come with contrasting 22” Gloss Black alloy wheels, a sliding panoramic sunroof, deployable side steps, privacy glass and a contrasting Black roof. See more details of these exceptional vehicles below: