Many manufacturers have in house customisation and modification sectors, Land Rover and Jaguar have their Special Vehicle Operations, BMW have their M Division and Audi have Audi Sport. The cars produced by these groups are different from other companies in that their work is backed by the manufacturer rather than a separate company and often from within the same building. The cars they produce are usually faster, more powerful, often more performance focused versions of existing models they produce. However, one manufacturer does things a little bit different.

Mercedes Benz and the AMG brand are as iconic as they come. Their heritage and experience in motorsport is second to none, proven by their recent domination of the Formula 1 championship. As well as going racing, they are also famous for producing road going powerhouses have become synonymous with excessive power and burbling V8 soundtracks all while providing the latest technology and sumptuous comfort. However, unlike other manufacturers, Mercedes let AMG loose on producing their very own creations, not just existing Mercedes Benz models. It all started in 2009 with the gullwing doored SLS, continued with the same theme in 2014 but a revised version in the AMG GT, and now they’ve produced their first four door saloon, the AMG GT 63.

The AMG GT 63 is just like the SLS and AMG GT in that they all started from a blank canvas and freshly sharpened pencil. There was no current model to adapt, no existing performance or styling restrictions to abide by. Aimed at Porsche’s Panamera and along roughly the same lines as the Mercedes CLS, the AMG GT 63 is a concoction of the latest technology, refined comfort, and blistering pace accompanied by the familiar AMG thunderous soundtrack. Subtle it isn’t, but AMG vehicles have never been about subtle, they’d prefer to shout about things than sneak in under the radar.

With a 4.0 litre twin-turbo V8 producing 630bhp, the AMG GT 63 S can accelerate from 0-62 mph in just 3.2 seconds and onward to 196 mph top speed. An impressive set of statistics when you consider that it is basically a 4-door saloon and is equipped with sumptuous luxury and an abundance of advanced technology. It may be a comfortable place to sit that heats, ventilates and massages you whilst it practically drives and parks itself, but it can certainly keep up with the fastest of supercars when it needs to. Could it be the perfect car for all weathers and occasions? It certainly fits most criteria.

Our 2019 69 plate AMG GT 63 S is the rare Edition 1 version which means you get so much more exclusive features off the extensive options list. With 21” Gloss Black AMG forged cross-spoke wheels, AMG aerodynamics pack, Designo paint finish, AMG Exclusive Nappa leather seats, AMG matt carbon fibre interior trim, AMG steering wheel and Edition 1 graphics to the exterior, the Edition 1 has an abundance of additional features to make it stand out even further. This stunning example also has the AMG Exterior Night pack, completing the ‘stealth look’ along with the Designo Graphite Grey Magno finish, and the AMG head up display as well. With just 13k miles on the clock from its one private owner, the car is presented in outstanding condition.