If you were to go back twenty years you would find that most four wheel drive vehicles were sluggish, cumbersome and rather unrefined. That’s not to say that they weren’t extremely capable machines, giving you the ability to traverse all sorts of uninviting terrain. Point an original Land Rover Discovery at a muddy slope, rocky valley, or treacherous river crossing and it would eat them for breakfast. And then it would go in for a second helping. But try to hustle an old Land Rover or Mitsubishi Shogun along your favourite section of B-road and you’re in for a whole lot of rolling, swaying, and unsuccessful braking.

The Lister Stealth (Jaguar F-Pace SVR) is the antithesis of this one-dimensional, old-school approach to 4X4s. Engineered and manufactured by Cambridgeshire-based Jaguar tuner, Lister, the Stealth is a sharper, bolder, more bespoke interpretation of the sublime F-Pace SVR, which is widely praised for its no-nonsense performance and British soul.

Limited to just 100 models and with jaw-dropping performance figures: 666bhp, 881Nm torque, 195mph top speed, the Lister Stealth claims to be “Britain’s Fastest SUV.” But let’s face it, although it is often the stats that make the automotive headlines, cars like this are about emotion. You don’t buy a high performance SUV with your head; you buy it with your heart.

Merely catching a glimpse of the Stealth makes you stand to attention as its carefully-enhanced silhouette rolls past. The distinctive emerald green lipstick surrounding the front grille draws you in first before your eyes are led to the front splitter, air intake covers, and rear diffuser, which, as is in keeping with the Stealth’s provenance, are finished in resplendent glossy carbon fibre.

The new wheels also help to cement its identity; 23-inch in-house forged alloy wheels painted in gloss black add a crispness to the design, bringing it all together to create a truly purposeful automobile. It should be too much. Look at Brabus and Mansory; brands which possibly go too far in their quest for individuality, but somehow you can’t help but love the Lister Stealth. It is striking without being vulgar and it has just the right amount of exterior and interior enhancements to make it feel special.

As with all beautifully designed car interiors, Lister use colour, style, and texture in the same way that a Savile Row tailor would use them to create an exquisitely-detailed suit. The dashboard, seats, door cards and steering wheel are wrapped in the very best ‘Bridge of Weir’ ebony Nappa leather, whilst the headlining is finished in uber-soft Alcantara.

Custom ‘lozenge-effect’ vibrant red stitching and ‘LISTER’ embroidered carpet mats subtly remind you of the Stealth’s performance-oriented intent. The purity of design here is a credit to Lister’s design team – by focusing on quality and upgrading the elements you see and touch most frequently, they have created a real jewel of an SUV.

So, does the Lister Stealth live up to its mission? Undoubtedly. With such an esteemed racing history, it is no surprise that Lister has given birth to an autobahn-crusher, but it is its unique character that truly makes it shine. The Lister radiates a real charm courtesy of its British heritage, sublime design, and meticulously appointed interior.

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