There was a time when only one car was worth considering being chauffeured in – the trustworthy Mercedes Benz S-Class. To choose anything else you’d either have to be hugely eccentric, or value aesthetics over genuine comfort and convenience. But those days are now over. More often than not, those wishing to conduct important business on the go want greater levels of space, technology, and ingenious design than that offered by a conventional saloon.

Consumers these days are savvy; they’re not going to buy a three-pointed-star anymore at the soonest opportunity – they are going to want to see a demonstration of style, elegance, and well-thought-out features. And there is arguably no car which fuses all of these elements together better than our fabulous Range Rover First Edition LWB P530.

A true British icon; it is hard to think of another car which is simultaneously adored by the aristocracy and the urban elite as much as the Range Rover. Possessing a distinctive, minimalist, and restrained design, it is the Volkswagen Golf of luxury SUVs. But with the long-wheelbase variant, it is now possible to be driven to your destination in an otherworldly state of hassle-free, cossetting comfort.

Making our First Edition LWB such a competent automobile is an invaluable optional extra: Executive Class Comfort Plus rear seats. If you’re used to travelling in either first class or business class on your trans-continental trips, you’ll feel right at home in the back of our LWB P530. Comprising two sumptuous armchairs offering extensive heating, cooling, and massage functionality, as well as calf rests, a ‘heel catcher’, an electric centre console armrest, side window blinds, and high-definition rear entertainment TV screens, you’ll never get bored, no matter the length of your journey.

It may be true that an S-Class offers up a similar standard of uninhibited luxury as the Range Rover, but these days those wanting a luxury vehicle don’t want to appear like just another successful businessman, but seek that special “je ne sais quoi” that will set them apart from the rest, allowing them to reflect their personality through their car.

The value of expressing oneself through one’s possessions is an important trait of modern luxury, and our Range Rover’s SV Bespoke Satin Sunset Gold ultra-metallic paint captures this characteristic perfectly. Crafted by Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations division, the paint is meticulously mixed to generate a rich, beautiful hue which, when caught in different lights, gives off various stunning soft, mellow effects. Produced by introducing coarse aluminium into the mixture and lowering the amount of clear coat, the result is one which truly makes the Range Rover stand out from the crowd.

With a huge list of standard features, including: head up display, centre console refrigerator compartment, driver assist pack, semi-aniline leather, sliding panoramic glass roof, Meridian signature sound system, tailgate event suite with leather cushions, 4 zone climate control, rear axle steering, and terrain response 2, to name a few, the LWB P530 is a true bastion of modern, contemporary luxury. Put simply, it exudes a “sparkle” which the trusty German limos of yesteryear seem to lack…