The Alexanders Prestige Accounts and Support Team


Joanne Wright
Joanne Wright - Group Financial Controller
James Hall
James Hall - Assistant Management Accountant
Krystle Rothwell
Krystle Rothwell - Vehicle Administrator
Samantha Parker
Samantha Parker - Accounts Clerk

When it comes to the team at Alexanders Prestige, it’s our belief that the relationships and dynamic between staff members is essential to the success of a business. With our Accounts and Support Team, we’re proud to have staff members that each play an integral role behind the scenes of our company, working with one another to ensure that we continue to receive recognition for the hard work each and every member deserves.

Our accounts team ensures that the finances of the business are up-to-date and accurate. After all, without the exceptional work of every member of the team, we wouldn’t be in the position we are today in terms of continued growth and quality products.


Natalie Bull
Natalie Bull

Equally significant are our Customer Relations and Logistics Co-Ordinators. These roles represent a valuable touchpoint for our clients and customers, as well as managing key activities that keep our business running. 


Ginny Hildrick - Centre Host
Elyshia Shell
Elyshia Shell - Centre Host
Alison Taylor - Centre Host

Our Centre Hosts, meanwhile, are welcoming faces that ensure that anyone visiting our showroom will be warmly received, and will leave our dealership feeling like their every demand has been met.


Jordan Walker - Valeter
Stefan Robinson - Valeter
Graham Bush - Valeter
Sam Quinn - Valeter
Peter Stanton - Valeter

Of course, we also have Valet and Logistics teams whose work may go unheralded but without whom we would be unable to provide our customers with the very best models from the world’s leading manufacturers. The valeting team, for example, takes the care and attention required to keep the vehicles available from Alexanders Prestige in the most impressive and eye-catching condition possible.


Terry Box
Terry Box - Logistics Controller
Matt Bell - Logistics
Marc Bevan - Logistics
Austin Williams - Logistics

​Finally, our logistic team are on hand to collect and deliver vehicles as and when required, thereby ensuring that your next supercar investment arrives promptly and in a safe and secure manner. 

If you want to learn more about any of the teams at Alexanders Prestige, get in touch with our North Yorkshire dealership today.