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The Lamborghini Huracan has been a huge sales success for the manufacturer and the biggest selling model in their illustrious history. When it was initially released many thought that being a Lamborghini it wasn’t as lairy or outlandish as models of old and that owners Audi had been too safe with their new model, but times have changed and maybe that’s not a bad thing these days. A Lamborghini used to be about excessive power and exotic looks, with the driving experience and handling performance somewhat of an afterthought. However, Lamborghini have been on a bit of a mission to change that preconception.

Ever since the Huracan Performante broke the lap record at the Nurburgring, which was then followed by the Aventador SVJ’s efforts, the idea that a Lamborghini can be known for exceptional handling and rival the likes of Ferrari and McLaren on a track has quickly become more fact than the hope of previous owners.

With those two models, Lamborghini used their knowledge of adaptive aerodynamics, creating the ALA system to adjust the airflow and ability to adapt the amount of downforce depending on the speeds being driven, to outperform their competition at the Nordschleife. With their follow up model, the Huracan EVO, they have added the very latest in technology to ensure that similar performance can be achieved with a more refined appearance and less obvious aerodynamic aids.

Leading the technology charge is the LDVI, or Lamborghini Integrated Vehicle Dynamics, using a sophisticated and very complex system to manage the driving dynamics and anticipate what the driver is wanting to react quicker than ever before. To complement the addition of four wheel steering and four wheel drive, the aerodynamics have been reengineered to incorporate lessons learned from the ALA system on the Performante. The front splitter and adjustable aero flaps create a double airway under the body resulting in five times more downforce than the previous Huracan model. The new suspended rear spoiler also helps to channel the air at the back and improve aerodynamic efficiency reducing drag at high speeds.

All of this means that the latest Huracan EVO is not only as quick as the Performante on track, but the ability to control the dynamics even further thanks to the HMI, or Human-Machine Interface, means that the EVO is able to be used every day. The more subtle looks are still exotic enough to be instantly recognizable as a Lamborghini, yet aren’t as aggressive as the Performante that it would look out of place when you’re looking to cruise down a motorway or drive through town.

The ability to control the way the car drives means that it can offer comfort and refinement when needed and then track beating performance at the click of a button. A Lamborghini Huracan is never going to be considered a Grand Tourer or a luxury cruiser, but the fact that the EVO can offer similar pace and abilities of the stripped out, exposed carbon composite, large spoiler Performante model in a more refined and accomplished model, is a testament to how far Lamborghini have come in recent times. In a strange turn of events, the concerns that the R8 using a Lamborghini V10 would dilute the brand, has become the opposite, with refinement and every day usability becoming a party trick of the EVO, whilst still being able to be as raucous and lairy as a Lamborghini should be.

Our 2019 Lamborghini Huracan EVO LP640-4 5.2 V10 is finished in Bianco Icarus with Full Satin Paint protection film (PPF) with Sportivo Alcantara interior in Nero Ade and Verde Fauns with contrasting Verde Fauns stitching. The car comes with an extensive list of optional features to include 20” Aesir Graphite Grey wheels, Style Package in high gloss Black, Transparent engine bonnet, Ambient lighting package, embroidered Lamborghini shields on the headrests, Front lift system, Brake calipers in Green, Fully electric heated seats, Rear view camera and much more. This exceptional car has covered just 3,000 miles and comes complete with a full Lamborghini service history, A Lamborghini 4 year service pack until 2023 and the benefit and reassurance of a Lamborghini manufacturer warranty until June 2023.

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