The BMW M2 has caused quite a stir in the motor world since its unveiling last year, It brought back the magic that had believed to have been lost since the release of the new M3 with its turbo charged straight 6 and its less ‘’feel’’ electric power steering. The M2 does share its engine and steering with that of the new M3 but has still managed to re capture the hearts of previous M3 lovers due to its smaller size and more dynamic drive setup. Every little detail that has been tweaked on the car has made the M2 truly one of the most exciting sports coupe’s on the market today.

We are very excited to have one of these wonderful cars in stock with a very rare selection of optional features fitted. One of these options is the M performance Bluetooth operated exhaust system, this gives the driver the choice of some impressive exhaust notes, all at the touch of a button! Other features include a carbon fibre exterior pack which really adds to the sporting pedigree of the ‘’M’’ badges. The pack adds carbon to the rear boot spoiler, front bumper accents, sill finishers, rear diffuser and mirror caps.

The BMW M2 is a very special car and must be seen (and heard!) to be fully appreciated. So why not head down to Alexanders Prestige and see what the M2 is all about.

Rolls Royce Ghost EWB

Since Rolls Royce Motor Cars became a subsidiary of BMW back in 1998, they have dominated the market for high end luxury motor cars. Rolls Royce currently have 4 models in their range: Phantom, Wraith, Dawn and Ghost, All of which redefine luxury in ways no other car manufacturer have been able to match. The Ghost and the Phantom are the only four door cars in the Rolls Royce range, the Ghost being the slightly smaller of the two. The Ghost is a revelation in the high end luxury car market with it’s silent 6.6 litre V12, elegant lines and build quality that is second to none. A Rolls Royce is never fully appreciated until it has been seen in person, that is what makes them so special.

Our Rolls Royce Ghost is not an ordinary one by any means, It’s extended wheel base means an extra 170mm of legroom in the back which puts the car on another level for rear passenger comfort. The rear also boasts a Theatre seat configuration with DVD entertainment and beautifully crafted picnic tables. This car is like no other and has one of the best specifications fitted to any Ghost currently on the market today.

​Ferrari 458 Spider

The Ferrari 458 has been around for 8 years now and has been a truly great addition to Ferrari’s long and cherished history of supercars. Even though the 458 is 8 years old, its age has not affected its desirability because it is still one of the most exciting, best sounding and most beautiful supercars out there today. The 458 was replaced in 2015 the by the 488 GTB with its new twin turbo V8. However, The introduction of the 488 did not affect the desirability of the 458 because its naturally aspirated V8 sang louder and gave a more rewarding feel when the driver pressed the accelerator.

Our 458 is a particularly fine example of the model, finished in traditional Giallo Modena yellow, its carbon fibre racing pack and extended carbon fibre sections to include: Outer carbon fibre B-post trim, Carbon fibre rear moulding, Carbon fibre sport sill covers, Carbon fibre kick plates and Carbon fibre racing seats. This car has almost every carbon fibre option fitted which makes it truly something special. 

Porsche Boxster GTS

The Porsche Boxster has been an icon in the world of sports convertibles for over 20 years now and it is still at the top of its game today, there are not many cars that can boast a similar history to the Boxster! The Boxster GTS is a very special example, with its uprated power output which now sits at a very generous 325hp, the car has been completely transformed. The GTS also includes some lovely touches which include: Classic Carmine Red instrument clusters, Sports exhaust & GTS branding to the seats.

The Boxster GTS is a true drivers car and also has the benefit of being rare, making it a great investment for future value. We are delighted to offer such a wonderful car and would highly recommend to anyone with a passion for motoring.