Our client takes delivery of his Ferrari 458 Spider

The poster car. We all had one. One dream car that we had on a poster, saw in a magazine that we kept for years, or saw in an I-Spy book. Often it was red and adorned with a prancing horse.

We're delighted to have paired one of our customers with his dream car – which, would you believe, happens to be red and adorned with a prancing horse!

Having worked hard to build up his business, our client was in the fortuitous position to achieve his childhood dream.

With a passion for Ferrari and the subsequent sale of a successful business, his was driven to fulfil his childhood dream and purchased our Ferrari 458 Spider. The beautiful 458 left Maranello specified in Rosso Corsa with Nero hide interior finished off with the Tricolore Italian flag stripe running the length of the seats. A truly special example and shows hard work really does pay off.