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Special edition cars are released thick and fast these days. Usually a faster and lighter version of an existing car, a limited-edition colour or specification, or a car packed with optional extras to signify it may be nearing the end of its production cycle. Quite often they are a sales exercise to make the consumer feel as thought they are buying something in limited numbers that will be rare or sought after; often neither is the case. Some car companies, however, release a special edition that marks a significant milestone in their history, when that company has a history as illustrious and rich as Bentley, it means quite a lot.

The Bentley Bentayga is already a particularly special car, with fantastic attention to detail and an almost limitless array of options and features that can be selected to customise the car. However, the addition of the ‘Centenary Specification’ in 2019 not only marked 100 years since their legendary founder W. O. Bentley built his first car but showed just how fastidious their attention to detail really is. Adding the Centenary Specification to their cars for that year included a carefully curated collection of handcrafted design touches to both the interior and exterior of the car, highlighting the characteristics that has defined Bentley for the past 100 years.

The exterior of the Bentayga is equipped with special Centenary Specification winged badges to the bonnet and boot, featuring ‘Centenary Gold’ detailing and the years 1919 and 2019 to mark the 100-year milestone. Centenary Gold; a colour created by "combining iron-oxide coated, super-fine aluminium flakes with paliochrome gold" nonetheless, and crafted specifically to "shine like jewellery". Also, while on the subject of fastidious attention to detail and design, adorning said famous Bentley Wings logos that have 10 wings on the left and 11 on the right no less. Nothing is done by halves at Bentley.

Open the doors using the gold detailed Bentley key fob and you are greeted by the same gold detailing to the welcome lamp beamed onto the floor, and sublime treadplates to the door sills with the two key years welcome you into the sumptuous interior. Once inside the car you will also notice the same Centenary Gold detailing to the steering wheel badging and gear shifter, and if you want to go the extra mile, can specify matching gold colouring to the stitching on the finest black leather seats and dashboard and the famous Bentley Wings on the headrests and seats.

Adorning their 2019 cars with the Centenary Specification ensures that, for a change, this special edition car will indeed be rare and signifies a historic milestone for Bentley. The design details and badging touches featuring their Centenary Gold honours the tones of the metalwork seen on vintage Bentley’s, whilst the handcrafted details on their brand-new cars ensure that it will be honoured long into a new era.

Our 2019 ‘69’ plate Bentley Bentayga 6.0 W12 Speed not only comes with the exceptional Centenary Specification but also has the Bentley Sports Exhaust and the rare Bentayga Blackline Specification, meaning that exterior body brightware is replaced with black painted trim. Window surrounds, wing vents, lower brightware, headlamp bezels and door handles are all finished in gloss black rather than their usual chrome. Interior equipment features City Specification, Touring Specification, Rear Entertainment, Front Seat Comfort Specification, Mood lighting, privacy glass and so much more.

The car is offered in outstanding condition covering just 1,300 miles since new and comes with the remainder of a Bentley manufacturer warranty until November 2022. This sumptuously equipped car being the ‘Speed’ model is definitely no slouch either. Powered with a 6.0 litre W12 twin turbo engine producing 626 bhp, the car is capable of accelerating from 0-62 mph and on to a top speed of 190 mph, enough for Bentley to claim it is the world’s fastest SUV.

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