Retro G-Wagon Roars Again

Trying to update or recreate an iconic model from your past is always a difficult thing to do. Manufacturers can either decide to run with a car for a long period of time attempting to keep it up to date and refreshed, like Land Rover managed to do for many decades with the Defender, or decide to reinvigorate and redesign the whole concept like the Mini range and Fiat 500. But what if you decide to do both. Is it possible to retain all the features people love about the original iconic design yet incorporate the latest technology and comfort from your flagship models. Mercedes Benz think that is the perfect solution.

Since 1979 the Mercedes Benz G Wagon has been the workhorse of the Mercedes range. Their answer to the Land Rover Defender if you are looking to go anywhere and tackle any terrain. It may not instantly be renowned for its off-road ability in the same way as the Defender, but its iconic status cannot be ignored. In 1990 Mercedes decided that the G Wagon should no longer be seen as merely a utilitarian distant relative to the rest of the luxurious offerings they had and began to fettle with the idea of merging the concepts together. With the demand for their own S Class and the ever popular Range Rover, Mercedes decided that they should look to add the same levels of comfort to the G Class.

Not just satisfied with making the interior a bit more luxurious with their renowned limousine-like comfort, Mercedes decided in 1993 that they would also turn to in-house tuning experts AMG for increased power-plants, initially by offering a limited edition 6.0 litre GE 500, before the G36 AMG was born in 1994 using the engine from the C Class and E Class AMG specials. In 2002 the now legendary G63 AMG was born, initially using a V12 from the S63 AMG and limited to just 5 units, little did they know at that time that they had created a future icon.

Almost two decades later and the G63 AMG is about as iconic as they come. Still very much utilitarian in styling and appearance, and despite the fact only 3 parts were carried over from the previous generation, to many it appears to have changed very little at all. The updated model is longer and wider, as well as having a greater ground clearance, mostly to meet stricter crash regulations and to improve handling. With Mercedes Benz installing their latest widescreen digital screens to the dashboard and the interior now awash with exclusive Nappa leathers, 64 colour ambient lighting and more technology than you can imagine, the G63 AMG is far removed from the mud plugging workhorse it once was.

Now sporting a 4.0 litre bi-turbo V8 engine that produces 577 bhp, the engine is closely related to the one found in the AMG GT R supercar, and can propel the G63 to 62 mph in just 4.5 seconds and on to a top speed of 137 mph (even this can be raised as an option for those brave enough). The accelerating roar and constant idling burble from the twin side-exit exhausts protruding from underneath the side steps either side means the noise is even more noticeable and never gets old. Despite the locking differentials, huge ground clearance and wading ability meaning that the G Wagon can outperform most others when the going gets tough, though the chances of seeing one anywhere but smooth tarmac is a rare sight indeed.

But that is not the point of this car at all. Land Rover proved decades ago with the Range Rover that luxury and off-road ability could go hand in hand, Mercedes have just taken that idea to the next level with the G63 AMG. Knowing the car can conquer all terrains may be reassuring, but the retro styling, abundance of chrome and growling V8 are the perfect combination to create the ultimate luxury cruising vehicle. The reassuring sturdiness to the car is almost comical. From the aggressive stance to the comically loud door locks (re-engineered to ensure the same noise and feel as the previous generation) and the fact that you have to slam the door hard to even get it to close properly, the G63 AMG provides a blend of rugged strength and sumptuous luxury like no other.

Our 2019 Mercedes Benz G63 AMG 4.0 Bi-Turbo V8 auto is finished in Designo Graphite metallic with contrasting Classic Red and Black diamond stitched Nappa leather interior. With an extensive list of features as standard, this example also comes with optional features such as 22” AMG Cross spoke forged Satin Black alloy wheels, AMG Exclusive Nappa leather package in Classic Red and Black diamond stitch, AMG performance steering wheel in Nappa leather and Dinamica microfibre, Side airbags to the rear passenger compartment and the Designo metallic paint finish. This exceptional example has covered just 6,000 miles and comes complete with a full Mercedes Benz main dealer service history and the remainder of a Mercedes Benz manufacturer warranty until March 2022.

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