Porsche Redefine The Laws Of Physics

When something you have created becomes the benchmark that all other products are compared to, you know you must be doing something right. Usually in motoring terms it is to do with top speeds, acceleration times or infamous Nurburgring lap times. Impressive as they are, in the real world of public road driving they mean very little. If, however, your creation is the go-to definition for something that excels in the real world then it means quite a lot more. In this case, a car that you can use on a daily basis, a car just as comfortable on the motorway, a twisty B-road or popping to the supermarket and a car that, when the mood takes you, can impress you with its speed, handling and even looks good enough to pose in. What more could you possibly want or need?

Ask most motoring enthusiasts what the perfect ‘everyday supercar’ is and the same answer will almost certainly keep cropping up time and time again; the Porsche 911 Turbo S. The Turbo S is the benchmark to which all supercars are measured against. A car that is as capable on the school run as it is on a racetrack and one that is as reliable as a drizzly day during the British summertime. The 2nd generation 991 Turbo S was such a masterpiece that you would struggle to think of how anyone could better it. Whilst everyone was still catching up, Porsche have had a go themselves with the brand new 992 Turbo S, and not only improved on the previous generation but pushed the yardstick further than ever before.

The new 992 Turbo S may be slightly heavier, wider and longer than before but that doesn’t mean it has done anything to affect the sheer impressiveness of the model. The all-wheel drive, four-wheel steering, electronic and hydraulic differentials, and two-mode active suspension management ensure that any additional mass is not only forgotten about but does not even enter the equation. Standard carbon ceramic brakes and 20in front, 21in rear tyres as well as the improved aerodynamics and over 100kg of downforce not only ensure stability and control in all conditions and at any speed, but mean that despite the power increase to 650 bhp the Turbo S remains controllable and sure-footed.

The Turbo S has never been intended to be the ultimate expression of the 911, for that there are the race bred GT and GT RS models. Its aim was to demonstrate how the laws of physics can be put to the test whilst remaining comfortable, practical, and able to seat four people as well as that famous everyday usability and reliability. In that respect, it is impossible to not be impressed by the fact it can do all that yet offer up the raw speed and ability of the finest out-and-out supercars of the moment. With 650 bhp and four-wheel drive, the Turbo S can accelerate from 0-62 mph in a blistering 2.7 seconds and will keep going past 200 mph. The technology you can see and use in the cabin is more than impressive enough, without even delving into the technology going on under your feet while you can’t help but laugh at the insanity of another burst of face altering acceleration.

‘Complete package’ does not even come close to describing the ability of this car and the fact that nothing seems to faze the 992 Turbo S. As a summary it is a more than impressive showcase of what is physically possible in a modern car, a testament to Porsche’s engineering knowledge and in many ways nothing short of witchcraft. The performance figures speak for themselves, but it has always been the Turbo S’s party piece that it can perform again and again at whatever is thrown at it without fault. Something that most other competitors can only dream of, whilst also struggling to match its pace.

Our 2020 Porsche 911 Turbo S 992 3.8 Twin-Turbo PDK is offered in exceptional condition having covered just 600 miles from new. Finished in Dolomite Silver metallic with Black quilted leather interior and Crayon contrasting stitching, the car comes with an extensive list of optional features to include Sports exhaust system, Burmester surround sound audio, Front axle lift, Turbo S Exclusive Design diamond turned wheels, Porsche active suspension management (PASM), Electric glass sunroof, LED Matrix headlights with Porsche dynamic light system (PDLS) Adaptive cruise control, Ventilated sears, privacy glass and much more. The car also comes compete with the remainder of a Porsche manufacturer warranty until July 2023.

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