Ferrari Goes For Shock & Awe(some)

In 2009 the ageing Ferrari F430, although a beautiful looking car even today, was never really considered game-changing and somewhat played it safe with styling and in many ways performance too. When Ferrari introduced the 458 Italia they specifically used their engineering and design knowledge to bring shock and awe to the marketplace, and they certainly delivered.

After the Testarossa’s famously angular wedge appearance, Ferrari’s of later years had taken on a more curved, rounded, and some would say ‘safe’, appearance. Many Ferrari’s of the 80’s and 90’s may not have actually been that agile or groundbreaking but they looked like they were something from the future, appearing sleek and meaningful even when sitting still. The 458, with its chiselled bonnet frowning over the thin headlights and the exaggerated wheel arch lines gave an aggressive and purposeful stance that brought back a menacing look to the their V8 supercar. The bodywork may have been honed in the wind tunnel for maximum airflow efficiency and to direct air around, under and into areas of the car, but with no sprouting spoilers or ducts the 458’s achingly good looks have always been its party piece.

Using complicated technology such as Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) modelling and extensive wind tunnel testing, Ferrari’s engineers were able to manage and direct air flow over the car in a way never before seen on a road car. Using their impressive motorsport knowledge from both GT2 racing, Formula 1 and their own FXX programme, the 458 wasn’t just better than the outgoing F430, it set a standard to which all supercars would be tested against for many years to come.

It wasn’t ‘all show and no go’ by any means though. Borrowing technology and engineering from their Formula 1 team the 458 certainly had the performance to back up its striking new look. An entirely new design 4.5 litre V8 producing 570bhp and revving all the way to 9,000 rpm, the engine became a benchmark for what a naturally aspirated engine could produce. At the time it was the highest revving for its capacity, the highest power output per litre as well as the record torque output per litre. So impressive was the mid-mounted power plant that Ferrari received over 30 international awards for the engine alone. Performance figures speak for themselves with 0-62 mph completed in just 3.4 seconds and a top speed of 202 mph.

Ferrari’s of yesteryear may have been stunning cars to look at, but were often let down by the driving experience or dynamics of the performance. The 458 Italia brought back the desirability factor to the brand that may have been beginning to diminish, and yet managed to produce an engineering masterclass at the same time. The popularity and demand for the model shows no sign of diminishing just yet, and those who have had the pleasure to drive one will certainly know why.

Our 2011 Ferrari 458 Italia 4.5 V8 is finished in the rare and sought after Special Order Rosso Scuderia colour, not to be confused with the more common Rosso Corsa. Rosso Scuderia is a tri-colour paint finish originally used by the manufacturers Formula 1 team to make the cars appear more bright, allegedly specifically for television viewers to make their cars stand out more. It comes with an extensive specification to include 20” Sport forged diamond turned wheels, Extensive carbon fibre interior trim including carbon driver zone with LED’s, Fully electric Daytona style seats with Rosso inserts, Scuderia wing shields, High powered hi-fi system, matching Rosso Scuderia brake callipers and much more. It is offered in exceptional condition and has covered just 7,350 miles and comes with the reassurance of a full Ferrari main dealer service history.

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