Lamborghini Turns the Huracan All The Way Up To Eleven

Lamborghini used to be a byword for style over substance. The kind of cars that were loud, brash and very flamboyant, yet not much fun to drive and had nowhere near the performance on a track to match the extravagant looks. Fast forward to today and they are a different outfit altogether. Their cars may still look good enough for childhood bedroom posters, but the Italian flamboyance has been somewhat reined in by the sensible German bosses at parent company Audi. Where the Lamborghini’s of yesteryear looked incredible yet were unreliable and were a handful to drive, these days they certainly perform as well as they look.

With Audi’s rich motorsport and performance car heritage, engineering know-how and an ability to create some of the best interiors and technology laden cars on the road today, the foundation for raising the bar with Lamborghini’s reputation was always going to be in good hands. The latest Lamborghini creations, however, raise that bar higher than it has ever been before.

In 2017 when Lamborghini launched the Huracan Performante they combined performance car witchcraft and motorsport level aerodynamic technology to create something truly special. With an increase in power for the naturally aspirated 5.2 litre V10 engine, a strict weight saving diet using forged composite carbon wherever necessary, uprated suspension, sharpened steering, enhanced transmission changes and something called ‘Aerodinamica Lamborghini Attiva’ or ‘ALA’, this Huracan can outperform cars costing nearly ten times more. In fact, around the benchmark Nurburgring racetrack, the Huracan Performante outperforms the times of other road-legal cars that should be in a different league such as the Porsche 918 Spyder, Track only Radical SR8 and Mercedes AMG GT-R Pro.

Performance cars have been enhanced before with more power, less weight and so on, but the Performante’s handling has been improved so impressive mostly thanks to the revolutionary ALA system. Using electronically controlled ducts and flaps the ALA system is able to actively manage the airflow going over the car, in order to either increase vertical load, assisting downforce and stability in the corners, or reduce aerodynamic resistance to assist acceleration and a reduce drag at high speed. The system works so effectively that it can even manage the airflow mid corner and to a certain side of the car in order to produce the most effective result for the handling.

The Huracan has never been a mundane looking car yet the Performante takes the looks back to the outlandish poster cars of the iconic Lamborghini’s of old. The huge rear spoiler, angular front and rear bumpers, deeper side skirts, higher mounted exhaust pipes and copious amounts of forged composite carbon mean the Performante looks even more aggressive and purposeful. At least this time it’s much more than ‘all show and no go’ and a not so subtle hint as to what this car can really do when you unleash its potential.

Our Lamborghini Huracan LP640-4 Performante is finished in very rare Ad Personam Nero Nemesis matt paint – the only Huracan of any kind on the market in this colour - and has full Nero Ade and Rosso Alala Performante Alcantara interior with inverted contrast stitching. The car comes with an extensive list of features, over £50k to be specific, including 20” Loge forged alloy wheels in matt black, Lifting system with Magneto-Rheological suspension, Style pack in high gloss black, Performante interior with laser engraving, Branding pack to the interior, Navigation system with CarPlay and much more. The car also comes with full body paint protection coverage (PPF) to protect the paintwork, worthwhile when the finish is a £11k option by itself. Carbon fibre lightweight bucket seats, carbon ceramic brakes and a transparent engine bonnet to see the magnificent naturally aspirated V10 engine all comes as ‘standard’ on the car. This stunning Performante has covered just 8,900 miles and comes with a full Lamborghini service history as well as the reminder of a Lamborghini manufacturer warranty until September 2021.

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