The Ford Focus RS hyper hatch is here

Arrived at the weekend a brand new Ford Focus RS in Nitrous blue. This is Ford’s third generation Focus RS and it's special, Gone, is the old 2.5L five-cylinder and it’s been replaced with a 2.3L 4 four-cylinder ecoboost turbo engine. The RS and the Mustang share the same engine however the RS has an enhanced turbo which gives 39 more bhp.

The two previous RS models have been front wheel drive and now we see the return of the all wheel drive system last seen in the cosworth but this time it's different, the RS uses a specially refined system that uses a pair of clutch packs on the rear axle, enabling to delivery torque between the rear wheels. The setup is so dynamic that it can send 100% of the torque at the rear to a single rear wheel.