Sam From Seen Through Glass Visits The Alexanders Showroom

Popular automotive YouTube vlogger Sam, from channel Seen Through Glass, popped in to see us in March to visit the showroom and film some content with some of our collection of cars. Fresh from his 12 month ‘Drive The World’ 36 country round the world tour, Sam came up from London in his now famous Green Porsche 911 Carrera T, complete with bonnet mounted spotlights, to take a look around the showroom and sample a few of our cars he may not have driven before.

Part 1 involved a drive in our Rosso Mars Lamborghini Urus ‘Super SUV’ to the nearby Grantley Hall for his overnight stay. Part 2 was a special treat in the shape of one of the rarest Porsche 911’s ever made, the £300,000 911 Sport Classic.

He then visited us later in the year to film a third video for his 'Time To Buy?' series where he looks at future classic models to see if now is the right time to be buying cars as investments. As a Ferrari fan he was very keen to take our Ferrari 458 Italia for a quick drive and see whether the 458 is still as engaging and exciting to drive as when it was first released.

All three videos are available to watch on Sam’s ever popular YouTube channel, Seen Through Glass. Why not take a look and join over 500,000 other subscribers to his channel if you like what you see, and keep an eye out in the future for, as Sam would say, “plenty more videos to come”.

Video 1 – Preparing For Corona With A Lamborghini Urus

Preparing For Corona With A Lamborghini Urus

Video 2 – Why This 10-year-old 911 Costs £300,000

Why This 10-Year-Old 911 Costs £300,000

Video 3 – Time To Buy? Ferrari 458 Italia

Time To Buy? Ferrari 458