Shift change

Porsche recently made an announcement that should whet the appetites of enthusiasts: not only is a new 991.2 GT3 going to be available this summer, but for the first time it will come with a choice of either PDK or manual gearboxes. The traditionalists among you will be delighted – a criticism of the 991.1 GT3 was that it only came with a PDK ‘box.

But with my dealer hat on, it got me thinking. First up, what’s this going to do to 911 R values? After all, one of the main reasons that car stood out was because it was available with a manual, at a time when the ‘regular’ GT3 only had a PDK. My feeling is that prices might soften a bit, short term, but long term values will stay strong.

And then I started to think what I would buy. Would it be a manual or the PDK? We’ve got a PDK one in at the moment and I took it out on a track day the other week. What a machine. I forgot how good one car could be, and it’s the absolute sweet spot of pace and usability. There’s no downside with the PDK gearbox – the new GT3 will accelerate faster with one fitted, and you can change gear without taking your hands off the wheel. Ideal for a track day.

I get the manual choice if we’re talking about older cars, things like the 360 Ferrari from 2002, because the robotised manuals in those cars weren’t great. But the new PDK is an awesome transmission.

So if it was my cash, and I was going to use the car every day, it’s the PDK all the way for me. If you’re a collector? Well, then I’d understand the manual choice.