Supercar Driver at Blyton Driving Centre

Alexanders were Invited by Supercar Driver to take part in a track day at Blyton Driving Centre, after a bit of discussion it was decided that the McLaren 650s Spider was perfect for the job. We wanted to see just how well the car is set up not only for the track, but for the road too. It’s safe to say that we weren’t disappointed.

After an early start and with snow on the ground, we began the journey down to Lincolnshire and were immediately amazed by the quality and smoothness of the 650s’ ride. For a full-blown supercar, it has a ride quality that can only be compared to that of a range rover, it really is that good. The car’s twin turbocharged 3.8l V8 fires it down the road with effortless pace and produces a very reassuring noise as you accelerate from those harmonic turbos. You can even wind the back window down just so you can hear them better.

After arriving at Blyton, we were greeted by a simply stunning array of cars. Including 2 Ferrari 488 GTB’s, a Ferrari 458 and a Renault Meganne Cup car (which turned out to be quite the rocket on circuit) After a coffee and driver briefing, we took the 650S out for its sighting lap and got to know the circuit whilst getting some heat into the Pirelli tyres.

Once warmed up and running, the 650s is an absolute track slayer. With active aero and torque vectoring, it just dances around the circuit with ease. The car flies down the straights so quickly that the driver must consider the corners in advance. When a corner arrives, the monstrous air brake stops the car with incredible force to ensure the corner is taken perfectly just in time for the motor to fire you along to the next one.

In review, the McLaren 650s Spider is an exceptional car from all angles, Its beautiful looks, incredible performance and impressive ride quality all add up to make it something very special indeed. We would like to thank Supercar Driver and we are looking forward for the next chance to drive with everyone!

If you would like to see the action from the day and more about the car then be sure to check out the Vlog.

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