Here at Alexanders we are proud to house the all new Aston Martin DB11. The DB11 is the start of Aston’s ‘second century plan’ therefore it gives us great pleasure to offer our clients the latest Artwork produced by Aston Martin. This is only the start of another chapter of Aston Martin's forever growing history!

Aston’s CEO Andy Palmer stated that “The DB11 is the most important car in Aston Martin’s history” now that’s a bold statement Mr Palmer… but then again Mr Palmer has been given a big job.

So to the DB11. It’s new. Really new. The car has some delightful aerodynamics. There’s vents that take high-pressure air from the top of the front wheel arches and feeds it out of the vents at the side. However the coolest feature we noticed was the roof strakes that depart from the windows by the C-pillar and feed air from down the side of the car, into tubes that run under the boot lid and flow the air out, upwards, at high speed, at the boot lip.

Once you see the under the boot the technical description all falls together nicely and makes perfect sense.Having a similar effect to a rear uplifted spoiler, but without having a rear uplifted spoiler… we love the idea and Aston’s designers certainly must have liked it too! I suppose in this case you could say who needs a spoiler?

But what’s it really like? Pretty nice… we love how downsizing means ‘only’ 5.2-litres and the addition of two turbochargers. Don't let the 'downsizing' fool you, This is still a V12, producing 600bhp at 6500rpm and 516lb ft between 1500 and 5000rpm. Now that’s as bold a statement as Mr Palmers...