These are the cars that make no compromises. The ones where no one thought twice about adding an extra swathe of leather here, or a shade more sound-proofing there, just to make sure you’re bathed in the finest comforts and materials that exist in the world today. These are the cars to separate you from the stresses and strains of modern life, to make sure that no irritation can disturb your journey. It’s the sector to head for when you want to get away from it all.

They’re also the cars that live right on the edge of the technological envelope, with the very latest infotainment systems, safety, audio and scientific know-how crammed in for your enjoyment. So, whether you’re more a back-seat sort of person or prefer to be at the business end behind the wheel, you’ll not want for anything.

So, we’ve had a look at what’s currently out there and shared our top 10 luxury favourites below:

   Rolls-Royce Phantom

Rolls-Royce has been synonymous with luxury for nearly as long as cars have existed, and the Phantom is where it shows off just how luxurious a car can be. Whether it’s the shag-pile carpets that are thick enough to lose a small child in, or the quietly brutal force of the V12 engine, Rolls-Royce knows how to make a statement. This is not a car for shrinking violets. A new one has just been released, but whichever Phantom you go for, you’ll be bathed in luxury.

   Bentley Mulsanne


The ying to Rolls-Royce’s yang. The Mulsanne is the successor to the iconic Bentley Arnage, and follows in a long line of Bentleys where luxury is the very first word in the brief. Recently refreshed, although still with a, shall we say, ‘interesting’ nose, the Mulsanne majors on the very best in materials. The wood trim is exquisite and the leather comes from the finest cows. There are few better places to sit. 

   Range Rover Autobiography Long Wheelbase


If your definition of luxury extends to wanting to go absolutely anywhere on the planet, then you’ll need to look at a Range Rover. The Long Wheelbase, with the top-of-the-range V8 petrol, is the specific one to opt for, with an extra 186mm of rear legroom over the already palatial standard wheelbase. Acres of leather are complimented by some extraordinary off-road technology. Getting muddy has never been so comfortable.

   Bentley Bentayga


Bentley hails the Bentayga “the fastest, most powerful, most luxurious SUV in the world” and we’d struggle to argue. It takes 53 artisans 130 hours to hand-build each one and if you think those numbers are impressive, how does 600bhp and 663lb ft. of torque take your fancy? Some heavy investment in onboard technology has resulted in an eight-inch screen, 60GB hard drive and all the driving aids (lane assist, adaptive cruise etc) that you’d expect from such a beautifully crafted car but performance and infotainment aside, it also feels a very calm and safe place to be. The Mulliner version is the pinnacle of luxury while the diesel – Bentley’s first-ever diesel, in fact – can travel more than 600 miles on one full tank of fuel. 

   Rolls Royce Wraith


Now you might question why we’ve gone for the Wraith over the Ghost in our top 10, but to our eyes the Wraith offers something a bit different. Whereas the Ghost excels at being a mini-Phantom, the Wraith brings a little more dynamic edge to the party. Still as comfortable as your favourite pair of slippers, but with the handling to back up the rakish styling. Plus, we think it’s the best-looking Rolls on sale..

   Aston Martin Rapide S


Classic Aston V12 and the sort of looks that get you noticed no matter where you hang out, the Rapide is all that’s great about Aston Martin but with enough room to ferry the kids around. This is that rare beast of a luxury car that is definitely better from the driver’s seat, where you get to experience the full 560hp and sharp handling. Rarely has a car that looks so good driven so well.

   Range Rover Sport SVR


SUV practicality and go-anywhere ability, coupled with the sort of engine and exhaust roar that would scare Frankenstein’s monster – luxury never sounded this good.  Jaguar Land Rover are building a reputation for cars that sound incredible, and the SVR is probably the best of the lot. With 550hp, a 5.0-litre V8 and a 0-62mph time of just 4.7 seconds, it’s got the bite to match the bark.

   Ferrari GTC4 Lusso


The replacement for Ferrari’s FF is named Lusso – Italian for ‘luxury’ – so we could hardly miss it from our top ten.

As breadvans go, this takes some beating too. A true four-seater, it’s a grand tourer in a supercar package. The top speed is 208 mph and you’ll get there in absolute comfort.

   Mercedes-AMG S63 Coupe


Mercedes have always set the bar high when it comes to luxury and refinement. The S 63 is the 5.5-litre V8-powered AMG version of its hugely successful S-Class and what a delicious version it is.

Packed with clever technology that makes the cabin feel more like a space ship than a car, it boasts industry-leading safety aids so while the V8 will fire you towards 60mph before you’ve had a chance to say good morning to the magpies, the car will be engaging functions such as the Magic Body Control and Active Curve Tilting to keep you cosseted in the sort of comfort you expect from the three-pointed star. Luxury with a brain.


Porsche Panamera Turbo Sport Turismo


The Panamera might be a controversial car in the Porsche line-up, but there’s no arguing with the way the Turbo Sport Turismo will fire four people towards the horizon at the sort of pace more normally reserved for astronauts. And the best part about this particular Porsche is that it’s equally brilliant from the front or rear seat – the agony of choice can even extend to how intense you want your massage. Ah, the dilemmas facing the modern motorist.

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