Why now is the right time for a convertible | Alexanders Prestige


Ignore the weather forecast and start planning your summer wheels early

Spring must be coming early – I was walking the dog the other day and spotted my first daffodil. And you should also get in sharpish if you’re thinking about buying a convertible.

Normally, all the accepted wisdom tells you to start looking for your new drop-top around April, but these days, with the used car market as it is, we’re seeing people coming into the showroom for their summer wheels in February/March.

It’s an age-old stereotype, cliché, truism – call it what you will – but there’s no denying the better weather, or the thought of it, does affect the market.

We see a spike in people wanting to part-ex their convertible at the back end of the year, and a corresponding increase in people looking to buy a drop-top in February so, if you really are thinking you’d like some wind in your hair this summer, it’s wise to buy now as stock will be far more limited as we get into spring proper.

Interestingly, it’s got as much to do with previous market conditions as it has the weather, because the availability of the sexy stuff is more limited these days. Let’s say you want to be spending £40k to £50k. That car will probably be five years old, and back in 2012, the number of new car registrations of convertibles dipped. Wind forward five years, to the present day, and it stands to reason that there aren’t as many used cars in stock. Less stock means higher prices. We’ve got a Gallardo Spyder for sale at the moment, and in May/June I know I won’t be able to buy it for the price it’s at now.

And here’s another cliché for you – Brexit has had an effect. A cheap pound means the export market is booming, so the pricier stuff – the six figure cars – are all being shipped abroad. Again, lowering the availability of stock in our market.

So the lesson is: ignore the sleet and snow, and start planning your summer.