Market Watch: The most ferocious wolf in sheep’s clothing

Last month, I explained why I think the Audi RS4 is this year’s best buy. But if you’re looking for something incredibly powerfully but equally subtle, then let me introduce the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Black Series.

It’s a car we’re all smitten with. One of those cars that, when you drive, makes you chuckle as you burble through towns, and then howl with laughter as you get on to a straight bit of A-road.

It looks more aggressive than the standard C63 AMG, thanks to the front and rear axles being given an extra 40mm and 79mm respectively, while the front and rear wheelarches gained an extra 28mm and 42mm.

So the average passerby has an idea it might be a bit different, but the C63 Black Series’ real appeal is held in what you don’t see. Beneath that vented bonnet is a 510bhp V8, which uses the SLS supercar’s pistons, conrods and lightweight crankshaft.

Each of Mercedes-Benz’s Black Series cars have appealed to us – we’re drawn to the idea of having supercar performance in a relatively normal-looking coupé. And we’re not alone. The car is appreciating. They’re rare, they’re raw and they make us smile. When new in 2012, this car cost around £100,000. Now, it’s selling for £109,995.

I always believe customers should buy a car because they want to drive it, rather than as an investment – but this car combines the two like no other.