Sell Your Rolls Royce

Looking to sell your Rolls Royce? At Alexanders Prestige we specialise in selecting the best prestige cars and luxury vehicles for our showroom. We won't sell your car to a third party, we are not brokers or middle men, we want to buy your car to replenish our stock for resale purposes.


Whether you own a Wraith, Dawn, Ghost, Phantom, Cullinan or other Rolls Royce model, we will offer a fair price for the age and condition of the car. We are looking for vehicles with less than 30,000 miles, or models that may be a limited edition, so if your Rolls Royce is in good condition and fits the criteria, fill out our form and we will be in touch.
Or why not give us a call on 01423 226591 and speak to one of our buying team.