McLaren is one of the most historic and most successful names in motorsport, however their journey into road cars is much more of a recent endeavour. With the exception of the legendary McLaren F1 of the early 1990’s, the company’s production road car journey has only really been in existence since 2010 when McLaren Automotive was formed. Taking their extensive racing knowledge and engineering they have quickly become renowned for producing some of the most capable road cars available, and constantly releasing new products, with no fewer than 15 models being launched within that time. Making up for lost time seems to be what they have in mind.

Their range is split between Sports, Super and Ultimate series cars with the Super series headed up by their latest ‘mainstream’ model, the McLaren 720S. Replacing the 650S, McLaren say the 720S is 91% new compared to its predecessor and lighter, stiffer and obviously more powerful. Using an evolution of the same 4.0 litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine producing 720PS, the 720S accelerates from 0-62mph in just 2.9 seconds and 0-100mph in 7.8 seconds, with a top speed of 212 mph. Impressive statistics, especially when you consider that it can cover a standing quarter mile just 0.2 seconds slower than a McLaren P1, and even more impressively will beat a Ferrari 488 GTB to 170mph if the 488 has a 3 second head start and is already doing 60mph.

Being a McLaren, the 720S rides unbelievably well. Put the car in Comfort mode and if you closed your eyes (obviously not whilst driving) you could easily think you were in a luxury saloon, soaking up uneven surfaces and bumps with ease. The carbon monocoque chassis means the car is light at just over 1400kg and feels like a very powerful Lotus Elise with razor sharp steering and instant change of direction. In fact one of the most impressive things about the 720S is the ease at which it is to drive, whether you are at motorway speeds (or above) or negotiating stop start traffic in town. It feels refined, quiet and easy to manoeuvre at slow speed and makes driving fast such a piece of cake that you’ll wonder how you managed to get to your destination so quickly, without fuss or effort. It’s little wonder Top Gear magazine called the car ‘the single most accomplished supercar we’ve ever driven’.

Another McLaren penchant is the aerodynamic witchcraft their cars possess. The sleek sweeping body lines are obviously honed and mastered in the wind tunnel and every crease and curve provides a purpose and is there to cool, deflect or intake air in very complex ways. The result is a car that is stunningly beautiful to look at and the genius of the design can be seen all over the car. Most mid-engined cars have huge intakes and openings on the side of the car to feed the engine with cooling air, not so the 720S. Stand at the rear and look down over the car and you’ll see the complex channels created inboard to sculpt the air along the tops of the doors and round to the engine bay and/or over the adaptive rear spoiler.

The aero influenced design of the car means that it has proper poster supercar looks, made even more assured by the twin-hinged dihedral doors to climb in and out of the luxurious cabin. Climb aboard and the attention to detail is even more exceptional than you would imagine. The impressive doors feature a Gorilla Glass section to the roof to make the interior feel light and airy, illuminating the swatches of exposed carbon, contrast stitched Nappa leather and Alcantara. The switches and buttons look thoroughly modern and the animated dashboard graphics are an impressive touch. Then there is the adjustable instrument panel itself. Full colour HD screen ‘virtual cockpit’ for everyday use, which then folds away at the touch of a button to reveal a slim display with only the essential information for when you are on the track and need to concentrate more. Slightly gimmicky and perhaps unnecessary but it definitely adds to the occasion and the feeling that you are in something special and capable of exceptional things.

Our 2020 McLaren 720S Spider Performance is finished in Special Colour Range Memphis Red metallic with Jet Black Nappa leather and Carbon Black Alcantara interior with contrast Red stitching. The car comes with an extensive list of optional features to include 19/20″ Stealth Finish lightweight wheels, Stealth Exterior pack, Stainless Steel sports exhaust system, Electrochromic glass roof, Convenience pack, Electric heated Sports Seats, Red brake calipers, By McLaren Performance interior, MSO extended shift paddles, full car Paint protection Film (PPF) and much more. This exceptional car has covered just 3,200 miles and comes with a full McLaren main dealer service history and the remainder of a McLaren manufacturer warranty until March 2023.