A stripped out race car that is as usable on the road as it is on track. The GT3 is the steroid pumped big brother in the 991.2 Porsche 911 range.

Developing a road car with fully-fledged track performance and handling whilst at the same time promoting sufficient adjustability and composure so as not to be unbearable on the road is no simple task. But Porsche has done it. The 991.2 derivative of the sublime 911 GT3 is a cohesive, meticulously-engineered, free-revving, naturally-aspirated icon that will go down in the history books as one of the most well-sorted supercars of the twenty-first century.

Just listen to it. An unadulterated, pure, passionate four-litre flat-six dominates the experience. At different points in the rev range it screams, bellows, and roars, handing a definite character and charm to the drive (aspects which are sometimes lacking in many turbocharged supercars being released at the moment). With a 9,000rpm red-line, 493bhp, 460Nm torque, and a 0-60mph time of 3.2 seconds as a result of the 7-speed PDK transmission, the GT3 delivers a beautifully linear yet visceral driving experience.

Much of this is down to its motorsport DNA. Developed on the same circuits and built in the same factory as the 911 GT3 racing cars, the GT3 has the right to claim what many manufacturers use merely as a marketing tool– that it gives its owner a genuine racing-car experience on the road. Rear-axle-steering, for example, is integral to the GT3s exceptional agility. Varying up to 1.5 degrees in either direction depending on speed and load, the rear wheels can drastically aid traction and cornering agility on both road and track, maximising driving enjoyment and inspiring confidence.

Underbody panelling in stamped sheet aluminium also stretches from the front to the rear, adding 20% extra downforce compared to the previous generation. Alongside advanced chassis technologies such as GT3-specific Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) with dynamic engine mounts as well as extensive ability to adjust the camber, caster, toe, sway bars, and ride height, you really can tailor the GT3 to perfectly suit your driving needs. With a body crafted using a mixture of lightweight polyurethane and carbon fibre, the differences between the race car and the road car quickly narrow.

That said, the area where the road car differs from the race car is most definitely the interior. Our high-specification example offers a huge list of interior features specified to promote comfort and convenience: the Black leather interior pack, BOSE Surround Sound System, interior carbon package, sport chrono package, reversing camera, light design package, and digital radio are all amenities you’ll be thankful for when the time comes for a cross-country sprint to the Nordschlife.

But our GT3 has also not forgotten its race-bred DNA. Possessing the Clubsport Package with 918-style lightweight carbon fibre bucket seats, there is a definite sense of occasion when you open the door and step in. The obligatory fire-extinguisher and semi-roll-cage in the back firmly denote its motorsport-upbringing – visit a circuit and you’ll feel prepared.

There’s a reason why Porsche’s GT cars always generate such great acclaim in the car magazines – they’re quite simply magical…

Our stunning Porsche 911 GT3 4.0 (991.2) has covered only 7,200 miles from new and comes complete with a Full Porsche main dealer service history and will be provided with a 1 year Porsche Manufacturer warranty from point of sale.

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